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7 thoughts on “Billie Eilish Makes Political Statement On Her Instagram Story!

  1. No one should have a gun.
    But how can anyone stop criminals from buying it illegally? If they’re gunna shoot someone then they’ll get a gun one way or another.

    1. Josh Adams I travel at night to work alone and I am a woman. I think I should be allowed to have a gun. I am not going around shooting or threatening anyone with it so why shouldn’t I have a gun?

  2. So I 100% agree with Billie in which things need to change, but something that should be made clear is that gun control DOESNT AFFECT CRIMINALS. They buy their guns illegally And don’t follow laws to begin with so creating strict gun regulations will only affect the everyday citizens who need to protect themselves. Thats what makes this topic so tricky… I’m not saying their should be no regulations but y’all need to understand that when it comes to politics there will never be a simple solution. Stay woke🤠

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