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Dua Lipa CLAPS BACK At Fan Who Criticizes Her For Breaking “New Rules”

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New artist Dua Lipa is clapping back at fans who are criticizing her for breaking her “new rules” and getting back together with an old flame…

Hold up – did Dua just break her own rules?

By now, you’ve most likely heard Dua Lipa’s chart-topping single “New Rules” – you know, the one that literally gives the same step-by-step instructions your best friend gives you every weekend that you choose to ignore when it comes to hooking up with someone who’s clearly no good for you… yeah that song.

But after news broke that Dua recently split with her boyfriend Paul Klein after a 5-month long romance, only to quickly rekindle her past romance with her model ex-boyfriend Isaac Crew, the internet wasn’t having it, as she is literally breaking not one, but ALL the rules she sings about.

A source told The Sun that QUOTE, “Dua and Paul had a really good time together but things just didn’t work out.” This apparently led to some old feelings to return as the source also stated, “The break-up has brought back memories of Isaac, who she split with this time last year. She has been messaging him again but she has been out of the country for the last few weeks so they haven’t seen each other.”

Naturally, this also caused Twitter to share some feelings, as one user wrote, “me picking up the phone for all my boys who are drunk and alone now that dua lipa has no ascendancy over me” and another even took aim at Selena Gomez, who is notorious for getting back with a certain well-known ex, saying QUOTE, “Dua Lipa splits with her boyfriend and is back in contact with her ex boyfriend. Selena: WELCOME TO THE CLUB”

But clearly all the hate isn’t sitting well with Dua as she took to Twitter to respond to the criticism, when one user wrote, “sis u broke the new rules” to which Dua clapped back with “sis get a grip”. I do have to point out that although Dua’s single is called “New Rules”, her other single is called “IDGAF” soooo it seems like the message here is loud and clear.

So right now, I gotta know what you guys think about Dua’s decision to go back to her ex – is she breaking her own rules, or does she have all the right to live her life how she wants? Share all your thoughts down here in the comments, and after that, be sure to click right over here to see what Ed Sheeran had to say about quitting music once he has kids. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr. and I’ll see you next time.

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5 thoughts on “Dua Lipa CLAPS BACK At Fan Who Criticizes Her For Breaking “New Rules”

  1. It’s her life leave her be. Plus her and Issac were together for years. Stop the bullshit. Her happiness is most important.

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