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Nikita Dragun Accused Of BRIBING Fans!

More Celebrity News ►► Because the day wouldn’t be over without a little Youtube beauty drama! Now the drama has to do with James Charles’ good friend, Nikita Dragun! She is being accused of bribing people in order to win what should have been a little friendly cosmetics competition. What’s

James Charles Is CLAPPING BACK At Internet Trolls Over Social Media Break!

More Celebrity News ►► Another day, another YouTube controversy surrounding James Charles defending himself, this time for returning to social media a little too soon for fans’ liking... What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad back here on Clevver News, and it looks like James Charles is officially on the mend after

Manny MUA APOLOGIZES TO Gabriel Zamora After Being Called “Toxic”

More Celebrity News ►► MannyMUA uploaded his own video apologizing to Gabriel Zamora and Jeffree Star. I wonder who is going to upload an apology video next! Okay brief recap time if you haven’t been keeping up with the beauty community let’s go! After Shane Dawson’s series about Jeffree Star blew