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Tana Mongeau & Mod Sun Respond to Bella Thorne Drama!

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So as the Tana and Bella Beef continues, it looks like Tana and Mod Sun have some more thoughts of their own to share on the whole thing.

What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News, and so we told you yesterday about the unfortunate new Bella Thorne / Tana Mongeau beef and now the boyfriends, new and old, are getting into it.

Tana and Mod Sun got dinner earlier this week which led Bella to tweet out that she is “no longer good” with Tana because she “broke girl code”

And Tana thought that was kind of absurd. After tweeting out a response to Bella saying “wtf is this, b?” she was spotted with fiancé Jake Paul last night.

Is it just me that feels weird every time I say Tana Mongeau’s “fiance” Jake Paul?? Anyway, moving on.

Remember, this all stems from when Bella dated BOTH Mod and Tana at the same time last year and all 3 were cool with the arrangement … until Bella had breakups with both earlier this year.

So on Thursday night, TMZ caught up with Tana and Jake outside of a restaurant and asked Tana about the Bella-beef and the so called “girl-code” she supposedly broke. In the video, Tana says to TMZ QUOTE: “Nahh I love girl code and I respect that sh*t. But I love Jake very much, and that’s what matters.”

Which is probably insinuating that her and Mod Sun are “just friends.”

And now, earlier today, TMZ also caught up with Mod Sun, who kind of stirred the pot a bit

He said that he Bella doesn’t play by relationship code, so how could she play by girl code?

He said that he and Tana were forced to hang out with each other at the beginning and didn’t always get along, and that he had to get used to Tana. But then they learned to like each other and eventually developed feelings for each other – briefly. But then all that ended.

All in all he doesn’t think it’s fair that he’s not allowed to hang out with Tana without making Bella upset. He said QUOTE: “How can I be wrong or Tana be wrong, like, we care about each other. Like, we really care about each other, we spent time in each other’s lives.”

Bella hasn’t responded to this yet, so we’ll see if and when she does.

So what do you guys think? Should Bella be upset that Tana and Mod Sun got dinner together? Or the fact that they still hang out? Let me know in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Tana Mongeau & Mod Sun Respond to Bella Thorne Drama!

  1. Hey instead of being assholes how about you comment something nice. Btw I don’t like either of them but still.

  2. bella! that’s ridiculous, you dated the both and they were cool. then you all break up and they cant eat as friends ?!?!?

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