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5 Best Celebrity Alter-Egos

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Sometimes we wanna step back from our own lives and be somebody else for a while. Especially when you happen to be one of the biggest pop stars in the world!

There are plenty of musicians out there who have made alter egos for themselves at some point in their careers. Whether that was to hide their true selves, to spice things up, or just for fun, an alter ego in the world of music is something that’s been happening since the early days of modern pop culture

There’s no way we could cover all that ground in just one sitting, but today I’ve got a group of performers with some of the best alter egos in the game. Right here on Listed.

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7 thoughts on “5 Best Celebrity Alter-Egos

    1. Me too I can’t believe he actually die in his sleep but watching descendants 3 it not going to be the same knowing that he is dead already!

  1. Lady Gaga wins 👸 , she has:
    – Jo Calderone
    – Mary Jane Holland
    – Yuyi
    – Aphrodite/Venus
    -Ally Mane
    – Gaga
    – Lady
    – Drunky Gaga
    – Morgana Devacelli
    -Candy Warhol
    -Mother Monster/ G.O.A.T

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