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5 Reasons Why Kim K. Would Make A Good Lawyer

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Kim Kardashian West broke the internet again last week, but this time it had nothing to do with her butt. In quite possibly the most shocking Kardashian plot twist yet, Kim announced she is studying to become a lawyer by 2022. Yes, you heard that right, Kim K is the modern day Elle Woods we never knew we needed. And while the Internet had plenty to say about her announcement, who’s to say she won’t make a great lawyer? We’re breaking down five reasons why Kim Kardashian would make a great lawyer, right here on Listed.

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5 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Kim K. Would Make A Good Lawyer

  1. All of this controversy is making me realize society is so hypocritical, I mean, aren’t we fighting so women can do whatever they want without being judged? I bet that if it were any other female celebrity going after a degree y’all would praise them but when it’s Kim y’all bashing her? Just let the woman do whatever she wants, it’s not like she’s hurting you and she isn’t completely paying her way for a degree. She still has to sit the bar exam like everybody else to become a lawyer.

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