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6-Year-old YouTuber Boram Buys $8 Million Dollar Property!

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Just when you thought 7-year-old Ryan’s ToysReviews was the most popular young YouTuber out there, a 6-year-old South Korean YouTube star with 30 million subscribers just bought an $8 million, five-story property in Seoul.

What’s up y’all? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and 6-year-old Korean YouTuber, Boram, just one upped us all and probably has more money at 6 than most people will in a lifetime.

Boram has two popular YouTube channels. One is a toy review channel with 13.6 million subscribers and the other video blog account with 17.6 million subscribers.

So if you hadn’t heard of her til now, looks like you probably won’t be forgetting her because with that kind of fame, she’s here for the long haul.

Her videos are seriously adorable and might I add, very well edited.

According to The Korea Herald, the multimillion dollar property was purchased by the Boram Family, which is the family company that manages the two YouTube channels featuring Boram.

And the Korea Herald also reported that those channels bring in about $3.1 million monthly.

In one of her most popular videos, which got over 376 million views, yes you heard that right…


Boram makes instant noodles using a plastic toy kitchen and then eats them them down on camera.

But it’s not all fun and games and $8 million properties for Boram.

Some of Boram’s content has actually been controversial in South Korea for the values it promotes.

In 2017, she got backlash because some people were worried that her clips could negatively impact the emotional and ethical development of young viewers.

According to CNN they were especially concerned by staged clips that showed Boram stealing money from her father’s wallet and appearing to drive cars on the road.

Which, might seem pretty harmless, but I guess with a super young audience anything could be considered controversial.

So those videos have been taken down, but nonetheless, her channel is thriving and she doesn’t seem to be missing those videos given her others are raking in hundreds of millions of views.

But I want to hear from you guys.

Can you believe this 6-year-old just bought an $8 million property? And does anyone want to start a toy review channel with me? That seems to be where the big bucks are.

Let me know down in the comments below.

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  1. Can you guys leave the koreans alone because you guys include bts and other korean realated people in almost all your videos

  2. I just saw her today in the newspaper. But I know her for a long time cuz she is my lil sis’s fav youtuber. Fighting Boram!!!

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