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Hollywood vs Trump | Best Celebrity FREAK OUTS!!

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It’s no secret that Hollywood kinda has it in for Donald Trump, in a very big way. Here are my five favourite celebrity Trump-triggered freak outs!!

#4thOfJuly #IndependenceDay #FourthOfJuly #JulyFourth #PrayForBette

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10 thoughts on “Hollywood vs Trump | Best Celebrity FREAK OUTS!!

  1. UPDATE: This video has FINALLY been monetized. Would have been REALLY nice 33,000 views ago, YouTube!!

    This video has been demonetized. Ugh. Who knows why. If you want to support me, you can do so at or
    I’ve put in for a review, fingers crossed they do the right thing!!

    1. @Kevin Smith how cool and yeah those were the golden times, Geoff incredible low voice so cool great riffs awesome drumming cool bass what more can you ask for from power metal now to progressive metal how they change their style it’s really awesome love it 🤘 👊 🤘 and yeah my favourite is Silent Lucidity, empire ah too many to mentioned really really cool band.

    2. @dih kat ba Mon One of mine been a Fan since they started I actually lived in Washington State before they went National back when they were one of Seattle’s Best 1983

    3. They’re messing up your income from them because they don’t like what you say. Demonetize when you’re getting the views then go, “Oh, here you go. Sorry.” when the video is no longer getting those views.
      It’s common practice.

    4. @Andrew Phillips It doesn’t make any difference.If they got rid of the electorate,and a republican won by the popular vote,you would be whining about that.

  2. I believe Napoleon said it best: “Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake”. As long as the crazy leftists keep showing everyone how crazy they are people will keep distancing themselves from the left in general.

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